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Fast-Track Your Real Estate Investing Success With A Proven Step-by-Step Program Plus Personalized Coaching to Live Life on Your Terms!

How Airbnb Tripled My Salary and Catapulted My Real Estate Success!

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How Airbnb Tripled My Salary and Catapulted My Real Estate Success!

Hi I'm Ehab! I design Airbnb's so cool that famous rappers like Slim Thug (@slimthug) have used them to film their music videos! Back in 2018, I took a gamble on remodeling a neglected six-plex. A friend of mine recommended I put them all on Airbnb and within a few months I had my first cash-generating powerhouse, raking in a cool $15,000 monthly!

Now, my real estate portfolio boasts over 30 properties, churning out a solid six figures every month. But here's the kicker – rewind 7 years, and I was burning through savings on real estate missteps. The silver lining? Those lessons shaped my journey and fueled the creation of the RWE Academy, a step-by-step program designed to guide you in building a real estate empire with wealth in mind.

Don't waste time and money like I did – join the RWE Academy for the knowledge, tools, and a good dose of accountability (yes, we keep you on your toes) to fast-track your rental business.

I’m Here to Help You Stack Wealth

Comprehensive Training
Our online training guides you chapter by chapter, with actionable steps so you're not just learning; you're building your business on the go.
Rockstar Community
Join our Facebook community and discover why it's the crème de la crème! Support, answers to your burning questions, and celebrations of your victories – it's all there.
DealSmart Pro
I've poured years into crafting a custom web app that swiftly helps you sift through the good deals and the not-so-good, giving you a crystal-clear view of your Airbnb's potential
Weekly Accountability
Building new habits takes time, but fear not – we've got your back. Our mission? To have you seal your first deal within 90 days of joining, and we're here to keep you on track every step of the way.
Meet the revamped powerhouse formerly known as the Rehab With Ehab Academy – and yes, Ehab is my real name, and yes, I do rehabs! Now, it's your ticket to a lifetime Airbnb acceleration journey, equipped with all the tools, templates, training, and support to run your business seamlessly.
Lifetime Access to our comprehensive mentorship program

RWE Academy 2.0

Hey there, I'm Ehab! My Airbnb game is strong – so strong that my place made it to the prestigious list of "Top 10 Airbnbs in Houston." Oh, and did I mention I shared the screen with my student Sarah on "Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovations" (Season 5, Ep. 3)? Yup, TV fame and all.

As a seasoned Superhost with a five-year streak, I've raked in millions across 30 short-term rentals – and the party's still going. My students and I are the architects of incredible Airbnbs, outshining the competition and pocketing hundreds of thousands every single month. Ready to join the winning team?

Ready to Stack Wealth Like a Pro? You Need Our Six-Figure Airbnb Mastery Mini-Course!

My "How to Find, Fund, & Furnish a Six-Figure Airbnb Business" Mini-Course is your golden ticket to the big leagues of real estate. Think of it as your personal wealth-creation playbook, turning those dreamy Airbnb ideas into hard, cold cash.

Success Stories From Our Students

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Hidden Gems Unveiled: Three Steps to Real Estate Riches on MLS

This is designed to reveal the strategies for uncovering profitable opportunities within the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Picking the Right Properties
Talking to Agents using my "Realtor Script"
Making an Irresistible Offer

Hey there, I'm Ehab!

“How I went from "clueless newbie investor" to a top 1% earner.”

It wasn't all that long ago that I was in my early 20's watching my first get-rich-quick-infomercial where I was dazzled with how much money I could make investing in real estate.

Within a month I started my first flip and continued to flip houses for the next 13 years. By 40, I realized my real estate strategy left me with no passive income and no steady cashflow and I was nowhere near being able to quit my job.

That's when I pivoted and started buying and holding properties and launched my first short-term rental (STR) Airbnb. Unknowingly I had discovered the BRRRR method.

Fast forward through lots of hard work, failed attempts, and lessons learned, I realized this was the ultimate strategy for helping busy professionals achieve financial freedom and live life on their terms.

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