The Airbnb Adventure: Turning a 16-Unit Fixer-Upper into a Cash Cow

When my friend Loren presented me with an opportunity to purchase a rundown 16-unit apartment building near downtown Houston, I initially hesitated. At the time, I was heavily invested in Airbnb and in the process of divesting my long-term rentals due to challenges with bad tenants and evictions.

However, I began to consider the potential of leveraging Airbnb for all sixteen units. I approached my local bank, leveraging my existing relationship and track record in property investment to secure a loan for the property purchase and renovations.

With the place appraising at a cool $1.8 million post-renovation, I christened it "The Barbee" (because, you guessed it, it's on Barbee street). Fast forward a year, and The Barbee is pulling in serious cash – we're talking $35,000 to $45,000 a month, thanks to our trusty Airbnb bookings. After expenses, I'm left with a tidy sum of $15,000 to $25,000 in my pocket every month.

Managing sixteen units sounds like a tall order, but it's surprisingly smooth sailing. I've got this massive storage room that's like the Avengers' HQ, housing all my Airbnb gear. And my cleaning crew? They treat me like royalty – I'm their top client, after all. I've even got a supply restock routine down to a science, like clockwork every two months.

But here's the real kicker: I've discovered the beauty of flexibility. By combining apartments, I can cater to all sorts of guests – from solo travelers to big groups looking for their own private event space. We're talking sleeping space for up to 60 guests! Thanks to our variety of listings, we're the belle of the Airbnb ball, standing out from the crowd like a disco ball in a room full of candles.

So, here's the lesson, folks: when life hands you a rundown 16-unit apartment, don't run – jump in headfirst. You might just find yourself swimming in a sea of cash and living your best Airbnb life.

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